Beyond Comment

Saat seru-serunya mengikuti kelas
Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps,
saya bermain ke forum kelas tersebut dan menemukan link untuk
memperdalam pemahaman tentang Processing.

Link tersebut mengarah ke Fun Programming, sebuah
situs pribadi berisi pelajaran singkat tentang pemrograman simple
yang berfokus pada grafis dan suara, sangat menyenangkan.
Lebih serunya lagi, ternyata sang author juga terinspirasi setelah
mengunjungi Khan Academy! Mantap.

Langsung saya buka video pertama yang berisi tentang perkenalan
“course” processing ini. Sambil mendengarkan dan scroll ke bawah,
tiba-tiba saya menemukan komentar dari pengunjung yang sangat menyentuh,
apalagi jika saya ada di posisi author. Berikut komentarnya, tanpa saya
edit dan translasi:

I just wanted to share something with the professor of this course. This course is changing my life. I for the first time feel like I can learn programming and have it make sense to me. I was going to go to graduate school for creative writing but after seeing how amazing and stunning and methodical one can be with computer programming i have decided to write stories another day and start from basically nothing into this and after having spoken with some people about my aptitude for your class work and the fact that I have watched 50 episodes in 6 days … I am going to study computer science. I have a professor at the university that is going to meet with me once a month and I am going to share my code with them and develop my own personal track of computer science.

The current plan is to study processing for a solid year and six months. Just work with this program and get to the point where I am incorporating Data Visualization work into my personal program. I am a very self motivated individual and combined with safari books online I have the greatest library of information I have ever encountered and I am going to be a computer scientist. I didnt know if I wanted to be a CS guy because I honestly thought it was too hard and it is hard but its not too hard … I love the way you break down the functions and carefully explain something like perlin noise or sin waves or even something like color or the rect function.

You are a gentleman and a scholar whomever you are. Oh and you might want to know about some projects that I am planning on delivering prototypes for over the next two years. For processing its going to be a data visualization of the migration of my family from switzerland to the united states and and i am going to use my family tree as data points that can be graphically expressed on a map that i can use to express the route with which I became a fourth generation american. I might even try and use a processing program to trace my bloodline and try to the best of my ability to graphically chart where my own blood came from as far back as I can. I could probably use a charting system to map out the very streets that people took that went into the process of creating me. I am very interested in my own creation as it is a foundational concept that i am always struggling to understand … just existence … but i press on.

Processing is a very special language for me and several years ago i tried to learn to program but had a terrible professor that turned me off to programming completely. You changed all of that. I truly want to express my deepest gratitude for your work because you are changing lives and maybe i am the first to admit it but programming is a very daunting topic and the pace with which you express your thoughts and you candor and your style of teaching resonates with me deeply. You have been my professor for the last week and in another week i will be done with your classes studying for the final exam that i will proctor to myself three years from now when i begin looking for professional java programming experience.

I plan on being a java developer because this languages makes sense to me and when i move on to java i will always remember these lessons and will come back again and again just to refresh my visuals as i am sure you will have new videos to watch. I only wish i could watch the videos faster and in the open source world i see it like this … be grateful … quality information is hard to come by. You could be watching football games or making love to someone but you are making these videos and affecting people that are in search of a purpose in life.

I thought I was supposed to write now i know to go in a more technical direction. Fiction can wait. There are plenty of terrible fiction stories and pretentious writers in the world. I can solve real problems for people as a programmer and that is what I want to do.

If you are going to be upfront and generous with your work then i can for at least one post let you know that you are a good samaritan for the digital age. A friend of mine let me know that good samaritans exist and we spoke about the passage in from the bible and honestly i think you fit the description yourself. I was a derelect not really certain about graduate school and now i am deadlocked in the throws of knowing that starting with processing i go to java and i work as a developer while also studying PHP and web design and other web savy languages.

If you are going to change my life I can at least try and change yours and let you know that online … in the world of digitalia … education is the greatest good you can provide through this medium … when you educate someone you improve their future … you improved mine.

Thank you. I hope this generous honesty makes your work feel as valuable to you as it is to me … priceless.

Pasti sang author sangat terharu mendengar kontribusinya
di dunia ini bisa membantu mengubah kehidupan seseorang menjadi
lebih baik. Semoga kita juga bisa mengikuti jejak mereka.

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